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Amazon Is Selling A Table That Turns Into A Shield And Baseball Bat For DIY Self-Defence



Amazon’s latest offering is a nightstand that doubles up into a shield and baseball bat so you can send off any unwanted people with a little DIY home defence.

Have you ever been disturbed in the middle of the night thinking I’m not sure what that is or who that could be well introducing the Woodquail bat and shield, bamboo self-defence nightstand.

As you can see from the image above the product appears to be a standard nightstand perfect for putting your phone on charge or a cup of water but with a simple adjustment, it can transform into to the perfect defence weapon and shield.

 The product description on Amazon  reads as follows: 

“This Bat and Shield Set can be helpful as self-defence accessories in order to visually warn the intruder that you are protected.

“The bamboo material gives the Bat and Shield their effortless chic. As with all of our bamboo products, this one has been varnished to protect it against water and to make cleaning easy.

“It can be also a piece of modern designer furniture if you use it as bedside table. The staples can be used for cables. Designer furniture tends to combine aesthetic & practical functions.

“It is equally suitable for both a male and female bedroom. It is reported that 50% of people in the UK are worried about security at night. That’s why having a means of self-defence by your bedside is psychologically comforting. Many people use an alarm system, but it’s not necessarily active when you’re in.”

Although this product is a legitimate item to purchase it’s a little tongue and cheek and I think that although it has its uses is it something you’d want in your bedroom?

Is this something you would buy? Let us know in the comments below?

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