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EA Made Nearly $1 Billion Just From Microtransactions In Less Than Three Months



So you buy Microtransactions? Can’t play games without them! Well, that’s a good job as if there was no such thing the publishers behind the game would be losing serious bank, as the latest financial figures from Electronic Arts makes this crystal clear.

EA has made $993 million in what it calls ‘Live Services’, over the last financial quarter, reports Gamespot. ‘Live Services’, means in-game purchases, and the last three months have been very good to EA, thanks to titles like Apex Legends and Battlefield V, and game series with Ultimate Team modes, like FIFA and Madden to name just a few!

These ‘Microtransaction’ dollars were the biggest part of a quarterly pot that ran to $1.593 billion of company revenue, representing some $361m of profits. These numbers were revealed on an earnings call and yes that is a crazy amount of money!

Adding to the total earnings, was the performance of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the Respawn-developed single-player adventure of November 2019 that left general reviews underwhelmed made allot of additional revenue for EA!

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