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Inside Twitch TV’s Secret Silicon Valley Fight Club



I am breaking the 1st rule of Fight Club…Here is an inside look at a secret “Fight Club” involving the tech elite from Silicon Valley. Being that it is silicon valley this fight club does not involve Brad Pitt or bloody acts of random pugilism, it involves highly competitive matches of Super Smash Bros.

Secret emails were sent to heads fo all the major tech companies including Apple, Netflix, Google, etc. to recruit their top Smash Brothers players. The group convened at the game streaming company Twitch. The teams were dived up and the competition was broadcast to over 10000 fans.

While there were no reports of performance-enhancing drugs, competitors fueled themselves on “TWITCH” brand pizza and craft beer.

Attendees received some prized twitch swag.

There was only a hundred or so viewing live, but the intense competition was viewed by almost 15,000 smash fans!

Streaming competitor Netflix provided play by play for the tourney.

Unsurprisingly the Twitch team made it to the finals against the stalwart google. Google came out on top, although Twitch claimed that they had sent their “B” team to compete.

The Silicon Smash trophy is one of the most coveted awards in Silicon Valley.

The event took place in “Flynns” the secret arcade located inside Twitch TV.

Twitch’s arcade is jam packed with arcade games both old and new.

Many cans beer, boxes of swag and packs of pop tarts later, twitch closed its doors and kicked everyone out to the mean streets of San Franciso. It was a fierce contest, but a good time was had by all. However, the Facebooks, Airbnb of the world don’t plan to take defeat lightly and are already getting back in training for round 2.