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Top 10 Atari 2600 Racing Games



By Kieren Hawken

Over the years I have always been a huge fan of racing games. In fact one of the very first video games I can ever remember playing was the sit down version of Pole Position in an arcade on holiday at Butlins in Margate.

My journey continued when I got Sinclair ZX Spectrum for Christmas and the seminal Chequered Flag became one of the first games I purchased. Not long after an Atari 2600 arrived in home too and, of course, Pole Position became one of my first cartridges having loved the game so much in the arcades. I soon realised that I had a real affinity for the genre and I started to actively seek new racing to play in both the arcades and at home.

These days the Forza series has undoubtedly become my favourite franchise and biggest reason I chose the Xbox One as my current gen console. But even as I enjoy these titles that almost look like real life I still can’t but think of all the fun I had with those early racing games on the Atari 2600. So I thought it was high time to share my thoughts with the unwashed masses and countdown my Top Ten racing games for the ever popular Atari 2600.