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22 Things You Might Not Know About PlayStation



Sony has been one of the most prominent and innovative companies in the gaming industry since the PlayStation burst onto the market in North America in 1995. The innovative gaming system spent the 1990s going head-to-head with the Nintendo 64 for supremacy in the market, emerging victorious. It followed up the success of the original PlayStation by launching the PlayStation 2, which would end up being the top-selling gaming system in history. Following the astronomic success of the PlayStation 2, the company struggled to match that success in the mid-2000s following the underwhelming response to the PlayStation 3. Though the high price target for the system depressed sales, Sony expanded into first-party games, releasing immensely popular titles like The Last of Us and Uncharted, bringing innovation to storytelling and visuals that were heretofore unseen in games.

Sony followed up with the PlayStation 4 in 2013 when the console industry was predicted by many to decline, if not collapse. The new console exceeded expectations, proving that the PlayStation brand was strong over 20 years since the launch of the initial Sony console. In honor of the over two-decade dominance and name-recognition of the PlayStation and Sony’s plethora of original games, here are 22 facts you may not know about the brand responsible for making the name Crash Bandicoot a household staple.

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