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How To Cut And Style Men’s Hair At Home



The most popular hairstyle for men these days is to keep it just above the collar. However, not all men do so. Their hairstyles have varied just as much as women’s throughout history. Even in ancient times, they wore wigs for stage performances. As recent as three centuries ago, our forefathers and court justices wore old-school barristers. In ancient times, only the wealthy often had the means to maintain their hair. As a result, long hair used to indicate wealth. Everyone else often shaved their heads to prevent infestations, such as lice.

Crew cuts are very commonplace these days, particularly with men in the military and those who row crew. It was rower Jock Whitney who set the trend by shaving his head and the rest of his team followed his lead. Now, even some women who prefer not to spend a whole lot of time on their looks adopt the style. Some people with crew cuts don’t even buy hair products.

Some other examples are the hippies of the 1960’s. The long-haired style then represented radical change and free love. Culture also plays a role in some cases. For example, most Buddhist monks shave their heads as a sign of getting rid of self-vanity. They consider it to be materialistic and their mission is to live what they believe to be a more spirit-filled life 24/7. Some Native Americans consider cutting their hair equal to throwing away a part of themselves. African Americans set the trend for patterned braids and cornrows. The Rastafarians, along with some other cultures, set the trend for dreadlocks.

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