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A Documentary About GoldenEye 007 Being ‘Best Game Ever’ Is Coming!



When discussing timeless games, GoldenEye 007 always shows up. Certainly, it is so revered, a documentary about it is being launched later this year.

The video game was first launched on Nintendo 64 in August 1997 – The documentary directed by Drew Roller – will trace how the game was made and the influence it has had.

A summary reads: “A documentary that will explore the story behind the game: how a little group developed among the most influential and widely-enjoyed games in history; the personal stories of the big impact the game had on its fans; how the game’s legacy continues to influence re-imaginings, fan projects and the broader FPS category; and, where the GoldenEye group are today and their thoughts on the present video gaming landscape.

” Featuring interviews with gaming reporters from IGN, Kotaku and CNET along with market experts and developers, GoldenEra celebrates the game that transformed the way we play together, in bedrooms, dormitory rooms with loved ones all over the world.”

The game went on to offer more than 8 million copies and, according to the makers of the documentary, has actually influenced legions of ‘GoldenEye super-fans’ who remain devoted to the game to this day.

Elaborating on the significance of the game, the documentary’s Facebook page checks out: “All around the world hackers and modders are recreating the video game … musicians compose homages to ball game, speed-runners try to beat it with record accuracy and content creators dedicate hours to the game.

” And they all do this as if the game was launched the other day. These are the GoldenEye super-fans. Not only has GoldenEye never ceased giving entertainment, however it basically altering the course of their lives.

” Dubbed the ‘party in a cartridge’ – it became an organization in dorm spaces and share houses around the globe, and would go on to motivate a breadth of fandom and nostalgia rarely seen in gaming history. Ultimately this game is symbolic of a time when individuals played games together.”

A simpler time, eh?

Undoubtedly, GoldenEye is an absolute classic; whether you believe it’s much better than Nightfire/Tetris/Metal Gear/The Simpsons: Hit & Run is a moot point.

Anyway, you can hear loads of gamery types discuss this point when the documentary comes out at some point this year – unfortunately, there isn’t a specific release date simply yet, so keep your eyes peeled.

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