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Galaxy Note 10 Caught on Video as Samsung Confirms Its Key Features



Massive Samsung Note 10+ exposed along with Superfast Charging!

With only being a few days away from the launch of the Galaxy Note 10 when I getting a real wood look at this awesome new phone, in addition, Samsung of confirmed a set of the features that will be in the new note 10 line most of these have also been rumoured previously

To begin with let’s start with the video of the Note 10 as reported by and slashleaks, a new YouTube clip has surfaced showing Samsung’s flagship taking a ride on the subway the design matches up with previous leaks.

What we can see in the 33 second video clip is that the note 10 plus looks quite big reportedly it has a 6.8 inch display.

Samsung has confirmed the note 10 or have super-fast charging And as expected also wireless powershare.

Also, the new-gen will have the next-gen S Pen S from what we have heard the new next-gen S pen could have a camera inside based on the patterns posted by Samsung.

 let us know your thoughts on the new Galaxy Note 10 in comments below.