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The Best Creative Methods To Improve Your Home Wi-Fi



One of the biggest fears most people have is waking up to a sluggish or unresponsive internet connection. Whether you need it for business or just want to take a load off, the internet has become required for just about everything in our daily lives. If your internet is currently on the fritz, take a look at a few of these tips before phoning your ISP. In most cases, all of your internet connection troubles can be fixed with just a few simple techniques that anyone can try without any hassle.

Add Regular Router Resets to Your Schedule

Most of the time we only mess with our router when something is afoot. We call up a technician and the first thing they instruct you to do is rest your network. The reason this is always their go-to first step is because resetting the hardware restores the connection to its optimal state.

Over time your router’s signal strength will deteriorate from it’s natural output. This is typically what causes sluggish connection speeds and other hiccups. By resetting your router regularly, you prevent the signal from ever reaching the unusable state that forces you to investigate the router. To ensure you remember, simply set a reminder on your phone to reset the network at least once a month.

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