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Research indicates that children inherit intelligence from their mums



While you might have mocked your mom for not knowing how to operate Facebook, here is the fact: you inherit intelligence from your mom and not your dad. There have been a few researches carried out that supports this fact. In 1984, some researchers conducted a study to test this theory. They gave extra doses of maternal genes to mice than the paternal genes and found that the mice developed a bigger brain and head. When this process was reversed and the mice were given extra doses of paternal genes, the mice developed a bigger body and smaller head.

Research in 2017 proved this theory yet again and the researchers found that mother’s IQ level is the best way to predict the intelligence of their child. It was also found that the nourishment that a child gets in the mother’s womb and the strong bond that they form with their mothers accounts for the child’s ability to play complex games and affects his academic performance simultaneously. Therefore, now you may have to think twice before mocking your mom about her inability to operate technology gadgets.

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