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Six Verbs That Make You Sound Weak (No Matter Your Job Title)



People often angst over making sure that their big presentations are perfect, yet it’s amazing how even the simplest things that you say can make a big difference about how people perceive you around the office. Watch out for these six verbs that can make you sound weak no matter what position you hold in the workplace.

Job titles carry a lot of weight, but they aren’t the only factor that people use to determine your influence. Your words represent who you are, and others use your speech to get an understanding of your level of authority. Using the right words projects confidence that helps to elevate your personal brand. Verbs drive the meaning of a sentence, and they convey actions that people associate with your thoughts and behaviors.

When you overuse weak verbs in your speech, people tend to think you sound weaker. This makes it harder to convince corporate managers, colleagues and even your direct reports that you know what you are talking about. If you hold a position of influence, then these weak verbs also make it harder to inspire your team. Although expressing an open mind often comes in handy in the workplace, reducing your use of these verbs in your vocabulary helps you to make it clear that you mean what you say.

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